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Astringent face mask and detoxifying face mask



To start, it is better to choose simple and natural recipes that contain basic ingredients. The idea? Choose natural, basic foods that can be reused in many different recipes. So we use honey, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut, sweet almond oil, or powdered sugar. If cooking at home attracts many preconceived notions behind it, such as being an activity reserved and exclusively for culinary experts, our various recipes ensure the opposite.


astringent face mask

Recipe by Hidden Beauty: astringent face mask

With the fatigue and stress of our work, our skin often lacks radiance and luster. So what is the solution? Mixtures made straight from our shopping bag!

Face masks are all the rage, thanks to the advent of social media and easy access to information.  There are several face mask recipes to choose from.  While most of them feature natural ingredients, a few companies now offer beauty products and skin care products that are made with certificates of natural ingredients like cocoa butter and collagen.  It’s important to note that a face mask is not the same thing as a mask, which only masks the face.

” A recipe for face mask” is an old recipe that has been passed down for generations to help you stay in top condition during the cold season. The face mask works by exfoliating your skin and helping to reduce the appearance of pores. A recipe for a face mask can also help you reduce breakouts and boost the look of your complexion.

The astringency and brightening potential of an astringent face mask is largely due to the tannins in black tea, which can bind to skin proteins and temporarily clog pores. It also helps with the brightening of the skin and lightening of dark spots, which can lead to an improved complexion over time.

The ingredients I need:

  • 1 egg
  • a lemon

The preparation :

Beat good, fresh egg whites and add lemon peel to give a unique recipe.

The exposure time:

20 minutes.


Remove the mask with clean cold water to obtain an effective tightening effect.


detox face mask

Recipe by Hidden Beauty: detoxifying face mask

Sometimes the skin of the face is exposed to many attacks, especially because of the pollution that has no solution. It's a great idea to give him a cleansing treatment every week to erase blemishes and restore a feeling of softness, femininity, and beauty.

For this scrub recipe, we advise you to start by making a mask on the face, coat it with products lengthwise, and let it act on the neck, hands, and back. Then go to the bath and apply the mask, which should last about ten minutes. If you have never used a face mask, a detoxifying mask is a great way to get started with a healthy skincare routine. You can use it to get a clean, fresh-looking complexion or to help reduce any signs of aging. Any face mask will do, whether vegan, environmentally friendly, or otherwise, but many people swear by the ones that contain antioxidants and other natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

The ingredients I need:

  • brewer's yeast
  • milk
  • of honey
  • half a yogurt

The preparation :

Mix a teaspoon of brewer's yeast with a teaspoon of soft milk. Let it swell for 30 minutes in the cooler. When the mixture rises, add 1 tablespoon of premium honey and half a yogurt, then mix everything.

The exposure time:

Leave to dry for an estimated time of 10 minutes on the face. You will get a happy result.


Remove the paste with lukewarm and pure water, then wipe your face with rose water to tighten the pores.