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What makeup should you wear everyday

what makeup should I wear every day?


Who said that just being a girl meant having to spend almost an hour in the morning in the bathroom? If you also want to spend more time in bed, to enjoy your morning with your children before leaving for school and work, or simply because your alarm clock hasn't rung and you're late, you need to know some makeup tricks. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to completely skip the beauty stage, but simply learn how to apply makeup quickly and well. Here is our topic: everyday make-up, how to apply make-up quickly? We will teach you how to give the perfect illusion of well-groomed skin and makeup.

Facial care and hydration

Facial care and hydration

This step is very important even when you are late! Refreshing your face with cold water will wake it up and make it toned. If you can, then pass a little micellar water using a cotton ball to remove the last impurities. If you have puffy eyes, know that blueberry water works wonders. Then moisturize the skin of your face using your usual day cream (preferably anti-aging and anti-UV). You are ready to move on to the makeup stage.

Of course, it will be necessary to carry out in the evening all the care that you will not have been able to carry out in the morning for lack of time. Thus, we advise you to cleanse your skin thoroughly before bedtime using a soap-free cleansing bar to preserve the most fragile skin. Twice a week, you should also exfoliate your face and lips using a gentle exfoliant enriched with vegetable oils, especially if you have dry skin.

Complexion make-up

Complexion make-up

To avoid wasting time, you can add a few drops of foundation to your moisturizer. This will make it easier for you to obtain a fluid that is easy to apply and absolutely adapted to the needs of your skin. This will shorten the waiting time between the complete penetration of your daycare and the application of the foundation. It is also feasible to opt for products that combine several actions (care and covering) simultaneously, such as BB creams, CC creams, and DD creams, ...

Then, apply a few touches of concealer or concealer to blend quickly with your finger or sponge. Your dark circles will be erased, as well as your imperfections (redness, pimples, fine lines, spots, etc.). Exit the blush, to make up for the lack of time, lightly pinch the top of your cheekbones to accelerate the circulation of blood in this area. It will give you a pretty dewy look without makeup. You can also quickly apply a brush stroke coated with illuminating powder starting from the cheekbone and going up towards the temple.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup

If you are really in a hurry, you can afford to apply only mascara for eye makeup. Indeed, on a pretty complexion, light eye makeup will not give a neglected effect, especially if you are used to using a volumizing mascara. Little tip: to avoid using the pencil step without giving up the doe eye, you can use your eyelash brush. Simply tint the skin of your eyelid at the lash line by pressing down when applying your mascara. Your gaze will be intense in a single gesture!

If you have a little more time available in front of you, it is possible to get a smoky eye in a fraction of a second! To do this, draw a thick line with a kohl-type pencil then roughly blend it with your finger. If this technique requires a little expertise, it has proven itself and you will soon not be able to do without it. Finally, if you are a fan of eye shadow, bet on a single shade so as not to have to start creating a fade or a gradient that would be too time-consuming.

Mouth makeup

Mouth makeup

For the make-up of the mouth, there are several solutions:

Leave your lips natural, simply favoring hydration with a transparent or lightly tinted balm. You can even put it on before arriving at your place of work and repeat the operation during the day.

Bet on transparent or nude products, easy to apply and which do not require the application of a lip pencil beforehand. For this, lacquers, glosses, or lip inks will be perfect, because they will not accentuate the defects in the event of overflow due to the urgency of the situation.

If you are a fan of lipstick, opt for matte shades that will be quick and easy to apply and will give the final touch to your makeup.

Note that lipstick can also be used as a blush, which will save you time by using a single product for two areas of the face. In addition, this technique will allow you to perfectly match the color of your cheeks to that of your lips.

Put small touches on your cheekbones and on your mouth then blend them in a blurry way to color without overloading. Be careful, however, not to use lipstick that is too glossy at the risk of ending up with an effect that is too “wet” which could affect the make-up of your complexion.

You now know how to apply make-up quickly to achieve your everyday make-up. By having the right products on hand, the tips we have just given you will allow you to acquire your beauty treatment in just a few minutes! Plus, your lighter makeup will give you a fresh look you might get used to. Stress-free mornings are yours!