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If you're looking for the best natural hair stylists in the U.S, we've got them right here!

 The Top 5 Natural Hair Stylists in the U.S


We’ve all seen the amazing transformations natural hair stylists have achieved with their clients and have been thrilled by the looks that come from their salon chairs. But finding someone you can trust to take care of your curls can be tricky, especially if you don’t live in one of the bigger cities with lots of options. We’ve done our research to find out who the top 5 natural hair stylists are, no matter where you live or what your price range might be, so you can finally get your natural hair on fleek!

The Top 5 Natural Hair Stylists in the U.S

Justina Valentine, Atlanta

Achieving natural hair perfection is a labor of love, and no one knows that better than Justina Valentine. The founder of Atlanta’s Natural Beauty and Nail Salon, Justina has spent her career cultivating a loyal clientele with natural curls, just like hers—that’s right, she was a model with naturally curly hair before it was cool. Her salon offers extensive services for natural-haired beauties; it is also a place where many newbies learn how to handle their locks on their own while feeling comfortable and welcomed—and once they find their groove, they often continue to Justina for special touches or help to maintain healthy curls between visits.

Kristin Ess, Los Angeles

Kristin Ess, a natural hair stylist based in Los Angeles, CA, has become known for her intricate braid patterns and styling work with celebrities like Ciara and Naomi Campbell. Kristin helps her clients embrace their natural beauty by showing them new ways to style their hair without needing any heat or harsh chemicals on it. Her Instagram is filled with examples of how she achieves beautiful braids that are both simple enough for every day and intricate enough for special occasions; you might even find yourself learning some new skills! To try a hand at creating your own hairstyle or just see what’s possible when embracing your natural beauty, check out Kristin Ess on Instagram.

Indya Marie, Baltimore

Popular natural hair stylist and media personality Indya Marie knows her stuff—from all-natural hairstyles to popular loc products and maintenance, she gives it to you straight, as only a no-nonsense Baltimore girl can. When Marie moved to Los Angeles from Maryland 10 years ago, she quickly became aware of both how many women there were interested in embracing their natural hair texture and a lack of understanding about how to do so effectively. Recognizing that many clients sought one-on-one guidance for figuring out what works best for them, Marie started offering consultation services; today these consultations make up her business’s core offerings.

Victoria Dwek, New York City

Victoria Dwek’s passion for natural hair began years ago as a volunteer at a high school where she was sent to give kids low-cost haircuts. There were definitely days when I walked out of there crying, she says. All these kids had kinky curly hair and they weren't taking care of it. It was an eye-opening experience, but not one that led her to create a career path around styling natural hair—she's really a full-service stylist, who happens to specialize in working with natural textures. Still, over time, her clients' requests grew more specific: 'Victoria!

Jamari Williams, Chicago

Black natural hair stylist Jamari Williams has a loyal following at his Chicago-based salon, J & J Naturals. He started his own business after working for several years as a stylist at another salon, where he worked with women who'd been loyal to him since high school. His approach is based on care: he takes time to learn about each client's hair and listens closely to their needs before giving recommendations or performing services like coloring or extensions. He believes that caring for one's hair should be an ongoing process—the more you know, the better your results will be when it comes time to cut or style it.