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Make-up on the plane: what make-up is allowed in the cabin

 Is makeup allowed in cabin luggage?

For safety reasons, the transport of certain articles, objects, and liquids in the aircraft cabin is governed by strict regulations from the International Air Transport Association.

Is makeup allowed in cabin luggage?

So, if you plan to travel with some of your makeup products and accessories, you should know what the cabin baggage regulations say before you show up at the airport.

This will save you a lot of surprises at the airport security check! Here's what you need to know.

Cabin baggage: what to put?

Want to fly? Are you planning to leave with hand luggage?

You have planned to keep some things in your cabin baggage: some clothes and underwear, socks and shoes adapted to the temperature of your destination, your papers, and then... your make-up bag!

But you wonder if the regulations allow you to bring all your accessories and cosmetic products. Excellent question. Here is the answer.

How many milliliters are on the plane?

Are you wondering if it is possible to take your liquid cosmetics on the plane? The answer is yes.

travel kit transporting cosmetics on airplane

Whether creams, gels, aerosols, etc., you can carry up to 100 ml of liquid product in the cabin. Just be sure to keep them in small bottles.

For liquid products of higher quantity, what to do? Very simple. All you have to do is distribute the product in several 100 ml bottles to stay in compliance with the regulations. Good news! You can keep up to 10 bottles of 100 ml each.

So, when we do a little calculation, you have the possibility of taking up to 1000 ml of liquid cosmetic product on the plane (1 liter).

By the way, note that the regulations require that your bottles be placed in a resealable transparent bag of square shape and 20 cm on each side.

Lipstick in cabin baggage

Of course, if it has a solid form, lipstick in cabin baggage is authorized like all solid cosmetic products. You will therefore not need to put it in the transparent bag. There are no quantity or size limits for solid lipsticks.

However, if it is a gel-based lipstick (which is therefore liquid), it will be treated as a liquid product and must be deposited in the transparent bag.

Mascara on the plane

Want to take your mascara on the plane? It's possible. Since it is always less than 100 ml, you can take it in cabin luggage. Just be sure to close it well so that it does not leak and keep it in the plastic bag.

Pencil and pencil sharpener on the plane

It is possible to take your pencils and pencil sharpener on the plane. They are solid objects. So there are no restrictions. Security personnel won't hold it against you.

Tweezers on the plane: is it possible to wear them?

Airplane tweezers: make or break? Here, the real question is whether on a plane or in cabin luggage, tweezers are considered a sharp and dangerous object or not.

That's the whole point. And in this matter, it must be said that the last word belongs to the security personnel.

Indeed, in general, the security personnel of an airline company can prevent you from keeping an object which is not actually prohibited by the company itself.

To avoid unnecessary loss of time, it is best to play the card of caution. Even if tweezers cannot be classified in the category of sharp objects, the ideal would be to opt for discreet tweezers with rounded ends and corners. Obviously, the tweezers will go in the cabin but not in the plastic bag reserved for liquid products.

Can you put a razor in cabin baggage?

Is the razor on the plane, or is it authorized or not? We will answer you methodically. First of all, it will depend on the razor it is. If you have disposable razors, then green light. If you have bladeless safety razors and razor refills, they will also be allowed.

Similarly, electric razors and models whose blades are protected by closed plastic packaging are authorized in cabin baggage.

On the other hand, razor blades, razors with bare or exposed pointed blades, and those whose blades can be removed from the accessory are strictly prohibited in cabin baggage.

So, can you put a razor in cabin baggage? Yes, if the blade is covered and unremovable.

Nail scissors on the plane: can it be?

As a general rule, applicable regulations in the EU are that sharp objects are prohibited in the cabin as they can be used as weapons in certain circumstances. As such, to be authorized to take your nail scissors on the plane, you just need to find models whose blade measures less than 6 cm. This is the only condition.

In summary, for your beauty bag to be authorized in cabin baggage, all sharp and cutting objects must be removed. For your liquid makeup products, you can take up to 100 ml in cabin baggage for each liquid product. If the product container is larger, find smaller bottles.

Also, note that all of your liquid products will need to be able to fit in a transparent, reformable bag that you will need to present to security personnel. The maximum volume of this bag is 1L. The bag can only contain a limited number of products. So, it's up to you.